Saturday , 30 May 2015

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Is There a Game or Something?

Is There a Game or Something T-Shirt

A reader sent us a tip about a shirt she came up with. We decided to share it with you guys because a number of you will appreciate the humor behind it and she’s donating proceeds from the shirt to Animal Rescue League.

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#BurghVerified Donuts (and chance to win a shirt)

#BurghVerified Donuts are available at Dunkin Donuts in Oakland

Last week we promised you guys some black and gold, banana filled Boring Pittsburgh donuts, topped with official yellow checkmarks. This week we delivered on that promise after Dunkin Donuts in Oakland pulled through and made our creation a reality – and they really got it spot on! To celebrate, we’re giving away #BurghVerified t-shirts to the first 5 of ...

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#BurghVerified Shirts Are Here!

Secret Agent L in her Burgh Verified T-Shirt

Most of you already know. but we’d like to make an official announcement about Burgh Verified tees. That’s right bored folks of the Burgh, you can now sport the Burgh Verified tag proudly across your chest with these high quality black and yellow t-shirts. Check out Secret Agent L in the pic above for an example of just how sweet ...

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