Friday , 29 May 2015

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How to Use the Bike Racks on PAT Buses (video)

Bike Rack Video

After 10 pedal pushing years, Pittsburgh buses are now 100% equipped with bicycle racks. That is super exciting news, but for a Rack ‘n Roll newbie, the excitement is dampened by slight apprehension. After all, those bike racks can be intimidating if you’ve never used one before! What kinda jagoff stands at a bus stop with a bike? Everyone will ...

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Tiramisu Real-Time Bus Tracking iPhone App

Tiramisu app provides easy access to schedule and real-time arrival info for Pittsburgh bus routes

You already know about how the buses are tracking you, but thanks to a couple of developers from CMU, now you can track the buses! Tiramisu is the new iPhone app that uses crowd-sourcing to get an idea when the next bus will arrive at your stop. When a rider first activates the app, Tiramisu displays the nearest stops and a list ...

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Pittsburgh PAT Bus Riders Are Weird

In a boring city like Pittsburgh, we tend to come across a lot of strange phenomena. We recently found out that in addition to taking videos while driving through tunnels, there’s another weird thing that bored Pittsburghers do: they take videos of PAT buses. The proof is in the clip above. A 6 minute compilation of local buses coming and ...

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Exit Port Authority, Enter Jitney Drivers

Port Authority, Faster, Smarter, Better? WTF?

Seeing this banner on the side of the Pittsburgh City Paper site while reading Transit cuts usher in “a very, very dark day in Port Authority history“ is definitely filed under WTF. Seriously, let’s hope that ad space is about to run out because it’s the epitome of ironic. That is on the verge of being false advertising – at ...

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