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Featured Pittsburgh Kickstarter: “First Kiss” by Yulin Kuang

Help fund "First Kiss" through Kickstarter!

Next Wednesday (Nov 9th) at 7pm, in the Regent Square Theater, Steeltown Entertainment is hosting its Kick-Off Event of the Steeltown Film Factory, a nationally recognized screenwriting competition that awards up to $30,000 to the winning screenplay to be produced in Pittsburgh. The event will play host to Hollywood industry professionals, as well as screen the products of previous years’ ...

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Silk Screen Asian Film Festival 2011

Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival in Pittsburgh (2011 flyer)

Art and film. Pittsburgh has these things. And thanks to the universities and prestigious programs based in the Burgh, this city is also home to people from all over the world. Like it or not, culture and diversity definitely exists here, even if it often seems to be contained and isolated within various neighborhoods and schools. The Silk Screen Asian ...

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Silk Screen Film Festival: The Taqwacores

Celebrated as one of Sundance’s 10 best, Taqwacores  tells the story of a group of  Muslim students in Buffalo, NY who have cobbled together a unique and refreshingly inclusive view of faith, culture, and identity- all set to a rockin’ punk soundtrack. $1 off tickets at Silk Screen Film Festival tonight. Please print Facebook page for discount ** Arrive 20 ...

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