Sunday , 5 July 2015

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Hines Ward Retires a Steeler (Tribute Songs)

Thank you Hines Ward

Thank you Hines Ward! Not only for your effort on the field, and not only for retiring as a Pittsburgh Steeler, but most of all, thank you for that smile… and the good feelings. The tribute song that Star 100.7 FM put together says it all. Original Star 100.7FM link Download link Follow @StarPittsburgh Hines Ward Steelers videos

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Bubba Demonstrates the Steelers Version of Tebowing

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All the bored people around the world that were obsessed with planking are now doing something less dangerous but even more boring. It’s called Tebowing. As an answer to the Tebowing phenomenon, our friend Bubba from Star 100.7 produced a video tutorial on how to do the Steelers version of Tebowing… Steel-Bowing! Now we just have to pray that the ...

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“Leading Up To Christmas” Star 100.7’s New Holiday Song

“Leading Up To Christmas” Star 100.7′s New Holiday Song

We live in a time of exaggerated cynicism and sarcasm. Just look at the comments on YouTube, or the 140 character anecdotes on Twitter. That’s why when Bubba sent the link to Star 100.7’s new Christmas song, expectations weren’t set very high. You can imagine the feeling of surprise and joy when the song started playing… You helped us write ...

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Happy Easter: Peeps Olympics

We’ve all gotten Peeps for Easter candy when we were kids. You either like them or hate them and even when you liked them you couldn’t ever really eat more than two could you? OK, so you know, there was NO eating of Peeps in the making of the first annual JR Bubba Shelley Easter Peeps Olympics! We are somewhat ...

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Burgh Verified Radio Debut With Zack Williams

ZackStar1007 – Gave @BoringPGH a shout on the air tonight and now I’m #BurghVerified WooHoo! You really should follow @BoringPGH – trust me! If you were tuned in to Pittsburgh’s Star 100.7 FM at about 7:10pm, then you heard the awesome shout-out from Zack Williams as part of his initiation into the #BurghVerified club. Click above to listen to the ...

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