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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Filming at CMU – PICS!

Batman filming at CMU in July/August

Holy bagpipes, Batman! Magnus Rex The Dark Knight will be filming around Carnegie Mellon University in Oakland at the end of July and throughout the beginning of August! Boring Pittsburgh doesn’t want to spoil the story, but trust us when we tell you that these are going to be among some of the most important, action-packed scenes in the movie! ...

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Dark Knight Filming at Heinz Field: Be An Extra!

The Dark Knight Rises filming at Heinz Field on August 6, 2011

Not only is Batman making a movie in the Burgh, he’s going to film it in Pittsburgh’s favorite place, doing Pittsburgh’s favorite thing! The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to shoot a scene at Heinz Field and they want to fill the stadium with Steelers fans like YOU! For yinzer comic book fans this is a dream come true. The ...

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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Open Casting Call

Boring Pittsburgh is the Batman of the Burgh

So you’ve always dreamed of going to Hollywood? Well, Hollywood has come to you! And now you have a chance to be in the new Batman movie! Or is it Magnus Rex? The Smith & Webster-Davis Casting announcement has the title Magnus Rex, but Boring Pittsburgh is certain that is the code name for the new Dark Knight movie filming ...

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Batman Says Suck It, Pittsburgh!

Batman blowing up the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh - by DJ Coffman

Inside dope… more rumors! Here’s a little post-it doodle I did at Pittsburgh Comicon last weekend. There were location scouts and casting people inside The Con floating around, one guy I remembered from Chicago filming (and seeing him at Chicago Comicon for sure), so I asked about the rumor and he said that an offer WILL be made that “they ...

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Batman to Blow Up the Civic Arena?

Batman Dark Knight will blow up the Civic Arena on film?

The picture above is an artistic rendition of what it could look like if the destruction of the Civic Arena happens on a Hollywood budget. There is brewing speculation that one reason Batman: The Dark Knight Rises ultimately chose Pittsburgh as a shooting location is because there may have been a top-secret arrangement to incorporate the demolition of the dome ...

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Christopher Nolan Spotted Downtown Shoveling Snow

Christopher Nolan spotted Downtown Pittsburgh today? Was he shoveling snow?

Since others are passing around a pic on Twitter of Christopher Nolan in Pittsburgh and claiming it was taken today, so we thought we should help them out and at least add some snow to make it more believable. Nolan and crew weren’t discussing a list of potential filming locations for Batman, they were trying to figure out how to ...

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