Monday , 25 May 2015

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Pirates Segway Guy #WTFPGH

Pittsburgh Pirates Segway Guy with dog holders at PNC Park

#WTFPGH? Yinz already know about Bumper Bike Dude, now without further ado we’d like to introduce you to Pirates Segway Guy – equipped with cup pup holders and all (as referred to by @thejqs). Pic taken outside of PNC Park. Let’s go Bucs! Pirates Segway Guy Theme Song: They see me rollin’ They hatin’ They tryna catch me ridin’ furry ...

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Pittsburgh Police Now Driving Nissan Versa Cars?

Unlocked Global Phones car trying to look like a Pittsburgh Police car

Nah, that’s just the Unlocked-Global-Phones-mobile. Out of the corner of your eye, it might cause you to tap your brakes and do a double take, but don’t slow down for this guy unless you need your phone jailbroken. Seriously though, if they wanted to capture everyone’s attention they should’ve made a replica LRAD vehicle. Speaking of police cars, check out ...

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#WTFPGH: Trees Cut Down on Beeler Street

City of Pittsburgh cut down trees lining Beeler Street

We don’t like seeing trees cut down in the Burgh for Hollywood movies or any other reason (unless of course they are becoming dangerous). Earlier today, Burgh Verified member @thinkinchaos_ submitted this picture after a block of beautiful trees that used to line Beeler Street were chopped down by the city. Those trees were sages of Pittsburgh! Attached with photo ...

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Mister Rogers Gave the Middle Finger TWICE in this Video

Mister Rogers really did flip the bird

In this video, Mister Rogers gives not just one, but double middle finger gestures. Despite many folks online claiming the black and white photo of our friendly neighbor flipping the bird was a fake, including us, we’re now obligated to share this video proof of the actual event. Have as much fun with it as you wish, but no matter ...

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WTFPGH: Full Size Bottle of Salad Dressing Free to Good Home

WTFPGH: Unopened Bottle Kraft Creamy Catalina Salad Dressing (Dormont)

If you are in need of a full size bottle of Kraft Creamy Catalina salad dressing, you’d best hurry up because this one won’t last long! A few rules: First of all, make sure you show your ass up. Don’t be like all those other disrespectful Craigslisters! Second, no vague, two worded iPhone emails like “text me” or “still have?” ...

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