Saturday , 30 May 2015

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Shit Pittsburghers Say (video)

Shit People From Pittsburgh Say (Video)

Not just “Pittsburghese” in this short comedy sketch inspired by the “Sh*t Girls Say” and the “Sh*t People from LA Say” originals. Written and performed by Kevin Cramer, Chris Bigos and Kelly & Adam Halbrock. Look for more videos coming soon from the Happy Apathy Productions team!

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WTFPGH: Gone Fishin’ at the Steelers Game (video)

Fishing at the Steelers Game

These tailgating pranksters down at Heinz Field have been attaching a dollar bill to a string and leaving it in an area with heavy foot traffic. When an unsuspecting fan reaches for the bait, the bill is yanked away right before their eyes. That’s exactly the moment when a group of drunken yinzers begin laughing hysterically from the other side ...

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Pittsburgh Dad (video)

Pittsburgh Dad

Pittsburgh Dad is a hilarious new web series from Chris Preksta that pokes fun at the way we talk in this tahn. The Mercury Men creator recently put out the first episode starring Curt Wootton as the dad. Damn, Curt got the Pixburgh accent down pat! After all, he is a native Pittsburgher now working in Hollywood. Just goes to show, you ...

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Parking Chair Rules of Etiquette

Parking Chair Rules in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh got lucky this past weekend as the snowstorm that hit the Northeast just missed us. Technically, winter just began, so we have plenty of time to catch our share of the white stuff again in the not-so-distant future. When that happens, the local media is going to have us all psyching ourselves out for another Snowmageddon in the Burgh. ...

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