Breaking News: The Pittsburgh Steelers Anthem “Black and Yellow” Does Not Mention Anything About the Steelers!

As if losing the Super Bowl wasn’t bad enough, we just found out that the so-called Steelers anthem quite possibly isn’t even about the Steelers.

What is the song Black and Yellow about?
Open to interpretation. Only Wiz Khalifa really knows.

How did it become the Steelers anthem?
A brilliant marketing plan that serendipitously aligned itself with the Steelers’ momentum, and Bill Paladino’s music video with all the Terrible Towels.

A Dodge Challenger, jewelery, and “hoes” could be a poetic analogy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but shouldn’t a sports anthem reference the team at least once? Lil Wayne’s Green and Yellow mentions the Packers loud and clear – no interpretation necessary.

Before you say we’re hating on Wiz. We’re not. This was one of the first sites to cover Wiz Khalifa before Black and Yellow. We intentionally worked in some questions about him when we interviewed RepPghHipHop. We’re proud that a local artist is 2x platinum (sales in excess of 2 million units) in such a short period of time (less than 5 months)! And we advertised his single on the sidebar for several months – oh wait, it’s still there.

Is Black and Yellow YOUR Steelers Anthem?