May 21, 2011 Judgment Day Postponed. Pittsburgh Still Boring. Rescheduled Rapture Date TBA.

Despite claims that the world was going to end at precisely 6:00 pm yesterday, it didn’t. Rapture rejects rejoice.

But before you go order your “I Survived the Rapture” t-shirts, you should realize the possibility that maybe the guy’s math just really sucks. What if he completely miscalculated (again) and the Rapture is actually next Saturday?

More unbelievable than the Rapture prophecies is the fact that PNC Park was sold-out last night. Not for a concert, but a Pirates game! Whether that many people actually showed up to the baseball stadium is debatable. Sports commentator Bob Smizik reported back on April 20th that a game between the Pirates and Nationals sold 12,457 tickets, but only about 2,000 people showed up. Interesting.

Nate Kimel NateKimel – Just heard country grammar on the radio in pittsburgh and its the nicest day pittsburghs seen since the days of jesus. Awesome rapture.

Happy Rapture, Pittsburgh!