Tuesday , 21 April 2015

CMU: Did Common Sense Get Buried In Snow

From the Carnegie Mellon "Campus Alerts" page
From the Carnegie Mellon "Campus Alerts" page

After a long weekend of record setting snowfall, most of the roads and sidewalks are completely covered in packed snow. A lot of people can’t get their cars out, and the smart ones don’t bother. Schools and businesses posted Monday closings well before the weekend was over. But not every school planned on following suit.

The good folks over at Carnegie Mellon University were preparing to have Monday classes as usual – until the city called them and asked them not to.  The students thought they would have to attend class the next day until a notice showed up on CMU’s site at about 10pm Sunday night. CMU Twitter users spread the word faster than Friday’s snow accumulation.

The message on CMU’s Campus Alerts site says they were “strongly encouraged” by Pittsburgh Public Safety Officials to cancel classes. Uh, hello! It’s been declared a state-of-emergency out there. Education is important, especially when you’re paying that much to go – but isn’t safety more important? Maybe common sense got buried in the snow.

Carnegie Mellon Official Site
Carnegie Mellon Official Site
  • CrankyGuy

    Sunday night at CMU, sidewalks were plowed, but roads and street parking were not. CMU should have known earlier that cancellation was necessary. Monday night, same conditions persisted. Where are the snow plows? Other city roads and streets have been clear since Sunday, but CMU’s interior streets look like something out of the winter Olympics. Pittsburgh officials are incompetent. CMU officials are oblivious.

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