Saturday , 30 May 2015

How’s My Street? Snow Removal Progress

How's My Street road condition map
How's My Street road condition map

The snow plows are doing a lousy job of clearing the streets, don’t wait for the news to tell you which streets are ok. CityZenMobile recently launched a free service called How’s My Street that allows you to instantly report road conditions and snow removal progress in Pittsburgh. Perfect timing in light of the blizzard and countless unplowed streets!

How’s My Street was invented by the creators of YinzCam and iBurgh. It’s easy to use and does a great job of spreading the word about which streets are passable or not passable. Just find your street on the map, click, then fill out the report. Your report is sent to Twitter so all of the @howsmystreet followers are automatically notified of local road conditions.

How’s My Street is currently hosted on a Carnegie Mellon ECE page and displays the Carnegie Mellon University logo at the bottom. We’re wondering if these guys created this site during the blizzard or if it was a product they already planned to release. It’s a great source of exposure for their CityZenMobile project which should be released soon.

At the time of this article, only one street (Beechwood Blvd in Squirrel Hill) was reported as “clear”. Are your roads clear?

This is the report form. Quick and simple so no excuses not to use it.
This is the report form. Quick and simple so no excuses not to use it.
Brought to us by ECE developers at Carnegie Mellon University
Brought to us by ECE developers at Carnegie Mellon University
@howsmystreet on Twitter, Pittsburgh road conditions are automatically tweeted.
@howsmystreet on Twitter, Pittsburgh road conditions are automatically tweeted.

Update: CityZenMobile updated the link to HowsMyStreet. They also added a counter to the top left that displays the number of reports and time the site has been running.

  • Priya Narasimhan

    Thank you so much for the article and the shout-out. We pretty much pulled two all-nighters to get this done, once we saw what our city was going through. I watched people on twitter ask each other about the best routes to get home, and asked Councilman Peduto how we could help. He suggested a crowdsourced help-me-get-home-through-plowed-streets sort of website, and that’s where it started. Now that we have it up there, we will probably continue to improve it. It is more or less version 1.0 since it took practically 24 hours of coding and design to get it live. I’m so thrilled and overwhelmed by Pittsburghers’ response. 437 reports at 10.40pm (right now). Wow!

    • admin

      Hi Priya, thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself and your project. Will this somehow be tied in with CityZenMobile in the future? Or, will CZM have an accompanying site to report complaints and suggestions through a map interface like HowsMyStreet?

      Pittsburghers definitely responded strongly! There have been 721 reports so far! We’re looking forward to seeing what your team does next.

      Thank you for your hard work :)

  • Aaron D.

    This site is awesome. I updated it like 5 times with all the streets around my place (all of which are still pretty much “not passable” lol). I just can’t believe they made the site in two days.

    • admin

      That just goes to show what a few hackers can do when they get together and start working on a project!

  • Jim

    This is the best CMU idea since Yahoo!

  • http://@sleers sleers

    This is great! I wish we had something similar for the sidewalks, it’s amazing how few people have shoveled their sidewalks so pedestrians can get through. The options are risking a sprained ankle on the sidewalks or getting hit by a car by walking in the street.

  • Cena Allen

    the street has not been plowed at all on tioga street. we have not been able to go to church at 7318 tioga st for first galliee baptis church. please see if our street can get help i miss my church . this has been since two weeks

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