Pittsburgh Snowstorm - January 11, 2011 - Janurary 12, 2011

Pittsburgh Snowstorm - January 11, 2011 - Janurary 12, 2011

Since there’s nothing better to do in Boring Pittsburgh than document the weather, here is a brief summary of the snowstorm of 1-11-11.

It all started on Facebook:

  • The picture above was shared with Facebook and Twitter at about 4pm. It shows the very beginning of the traffic jams caused by a mixture of snow and Pittsburgh drivers. We have reason to believe that the snow actually had very little to do with it.
  • Christopher on Facebook replied the he hoped “Dippy” had his scarf on. Who’s Dippy? Oh come on, are you that out of it? Dippy is the friendly dinosaur outside of the Carnegie Museum on Forbes. And yes, Dippy was wearing his red and green scarf. Does anyone know who’s responsible for putting it on him?
  • Then Deb used the word “slippy” in her comment …we’re not sure if she did that unconsciously or if she intentionally used it to show how Pittsburghy she is. Either way, the word was used.
  • Gary said “Good thing they didn’t predict this snowstorm.” Yeah, not only that, but who would’ve thought that we’d get snow in mid-January! Michael Sally can feel free to insert-joke-here.
  • Oh wait, Michael Sally did insert a joke: “WHERE IS LUKE?”
  • Tony made the most sense with his comment “When I see that, I am soooo glad I moved to West Palm Beach.” Then he came back and said something that ruined it: “Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Pittsburgh, just not a big fan of snow and grey skies for 5 months.” Ok, Tony, you don’t have to feel guilty because the rest of us are still stuck with the snow and gray skies. You don’t have to try to make us feel better.

Twitter got all up in it too:

Patrick Daniel paperthin_himFinally home about ten minutes ago. Took two hours. Too Damn long. @boringpgh, learn to drive

See? Pittsburgh drivers, what did we tell you 😛

It was around that time when @BurghGourmand started encouraging everyone to tag their snow tweets with #OhSnowYouDidnt. It was a funny tag! A few searches lead us to a tweet from a several days ago where a guy used #SnowprahWinfrey <<< FUNNY

BurghGourmand also tweeted the following, which we do not necessarily agree with:

Burgh Gourmand BurghGourmandInstead of wrecking during rush hour, why doesn’t everyone just go to the nearest bar & have a one night stand? @BoringPGH #pittsburgh

This guy was already locked, loaded, and ready to go…

Davon Magwood at the bathroom

Davon Magwood took @BurghGourmand's suggestion literally

Best post of the night came from Artermix Dml on Facebook around 11:11pm on 1/11/11:

Artermix Dml

How boring is Pittsburgh? On KDKA the news about the snow took 12 minutes of air time. It was followed by 5 minutes of weather about the…… SNOW.

Sports (Steelers) was the second important news.

The rest was “filler news” but unfortunately nobody knows what it was about cuz the school closings on the bottom of the TV was distracting us.

Congrats to @aphotobug for winning the #BurghVerified t-shirt contest..see the pic here.

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