Thunderstorms and tornadoes in weather obsessed Pittsburgh

Thunderstorms and tornadoes in weather obsessed Pittsburgh (via jmd41280)

People from Pittsburgh love talking about the weather. Probably because there’s nothing else to do. On sunny days, they will talk about how amazing it is outside (keep in mind this only occurs about 30 days per year). On rainy days they will say the city is weeping because of something that happened to one of the local sports teams. When it’s snowing they will run out and take hundreds of pictures and then run back inside to post them on Facebook. It’s a local obsession.

The big topic on Twitter this afternoon is, you guessed it, the weather. Specifically, the big storm that is supposed to be traveling from Cleveland – along with a tornado warning up its sleeve. Yes, a tornado warning. Or is it a watch? It doesn’t really matter because anything weather related is the Burgh’s favorite topic of discussion!

Here is part of the weather conversation from our followers:

Michelle Wright tvmichellePittsburgh is under a tornado watch right now until 9PM. Wind advisory til midnight. Mayor activates Severe Storm Plan.


Pam Pam_WowWhat is all this hubbub about a tornado in Pgh?


Jackie jackatyjack – RT @BleeStyle: tornado? there isn’t gonna be a dam tornado in pittsburgh. I dont believe that


sara cropcho sarliz88so wind gusts of 40-60 and hail is on its way from Cleveland


battle bot tagbattle20010weather forecast looks bleak.


Jen Bailie burghseyewifeGot the dog walked. Bring it on, weather.


Karate Kitty TimelyCThe weather is so weird in Pittsburgh right now. I heard that there is a tornado warning issued…..


Jaime Dray WeddObsessed@joeandbetsy is there really supposed to be a tornado watch?


Melissa Melissa_Otti haven’t been online for a few hours, come back, and there’s tornado warnings and llama discussions. WTF did i miss???


Melissa Melissa_Ott@MShakeFactory oh god! the pumpkins are outside! must rescue them before the tornado gobbles them up.


Jason Cercone jasoncerconeThis ‘calm before the storm’ is very eerie. I hope this blows passed with no repercussions. #pittsburgh #tornado


Shannon Lewis FromGallifreyGot those shuttle buses ready @pghtransit? Something tells me this storm is gonna knock out the T.


Michelle browneyedbakerOff to take some photos before I’m swept away in a tornado… Auntie Em!


Will Reynolds Young theebayk1dI hope these storm aren’t nearly as bad as the ones that hit Ohio, Indiana, and etc.


Nick Nagy knicknagyCan’t wait to see how slow everyone is driving for rush hour because they think there is going to be a tornado in Pittsburgh… #comeon


darthcueball darthcueballHurricane winds and tornado watch for @BoringPGH until 9pm tnite. This should end well. #burghicane


So, has there ever been a tornado in Pittsburgh?

  • Yes. Like the one back in 1998 that injured 50 people and caused about $13 million in damages.
  • Or, the one in 2002 that touched down in Kennywood Park and collapsed the roof of the Whip while people were riding it.

Occasionally, in instances of watches and warnings like this one, you will hear some know-it-alls (like students who came to the Burgh solely for the purpose of getting a degree then getting the hell out) say stuff like “oh come off it, Pixburgh doesn’t get tornados.” But, it’s a fact that Pittsburgh does indeed see tornadoes every so often.

The Mount Washington tornado in 1998

“OMG, that is definitely some kind of cloud”

Hey yinz guys see that tornado n’at dahn tahn?

What should you do during a tornado?

Take cover. Blame Cleveland.