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10 First Date Ideas From Real Pittsburghers

10 Things to do on a first date in PittsburghSo you finally found someone in Pittsburgh to take out on a date. Sweet! Now you have to figure out where to take them. Boring Pittsburgh asked the community to help you with some first date suggestions. If you’re new to the Burgh (or new to dating in general) this list should point you in the right direction… the rest is up to you!

1. Phipps Conservatory

Visit Phipps Conservatory for a romantic first date
Visit Phipps Conservatory for a romantic first date

I like Friday nights at Phipps, it’s beautiful, and a few good spots to steal that first kiss, even if it’s just on the cheek ;) -BottleBrushArt

Get tickets to the Phipps Conservatory at night on Friday. The lighting is bright enough to see by, but soft enough that it’s like walking through a garden right before sunset. -Karen Christine Scarpinatto

2. Kayaking/Just Ducky Tours

Just Ducky Tours are fun for a daylight first date
Just Ducky Tours are fun for a daylight first date

Despite how nasty the rivers look sometimes, they can really serve as a fun, romantic setting for a date.

Rent a kayak and go around the point in the city :) In the late fall a Just Ducky Tour is always some corny fun! -AlainaFrederick

3. The Pittsburgh Zoo

The zoo is a great place for a first date
The zoo is a great place for a first date

I usually go for the Zoo. When’s the last time you were at the zoo? That’s what I thought. Takes people completely off-guard. Also, provides you with a lot of time to walk and talk – and if the date is someone with whom conversation is a task, I can still look at the animals. I love animals. Zoo is to be followed by a coffee stop at the Beehive, and lots of walking around and perusing on Carson Street, followed by a late night at Cambodican. -Zaphod X Zaphod

4. West End Overlook

The West End Overlook
The West End Overlook

A nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of Mt. Washington is the West End Overlook. You might even see Pittsburgh Bambi!

West End Overlook or Washington’s Landing. -truth_in_ad

Probably a visit to Mt. Washington, inclines… -MichaelSally

5. First Fridays

Unblurred (if your first date is on the first Friday of the month)
Unblurred: First Fridays on Penn Avenue

If your first date is on the first Friday of the month, check out the galleries and shops on Penn Ave during Unblurred!

I’ll vote for First Fridays on Penn Ave for both- check out the Wherehouse at 4810 Penn for the city’s most thrilling artists. -carolynhoney

6. Visit a Museum

Spend your first date at a museum
Spend your first date at a Pittsburgh museum

Believe it or not, museums are a great place to break the ice because you have to be quiet anyway – so there’s no need for the silence to be awkward. After you’ve walked around for 2 hours not saying anything, you will have lots to talk about at the dinner table.

A museum (The Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art/Natural History, Heinz History Center, etc). -Patrick Stehley

7. Shopping

Why not walk around Ikea with your future spouse?
Get this entire kitchen for $6,000 at Ikea Pittsburgh

Why not get weird and walk around Ikea with your future spouse? Hold hands and browse akurum, edsvik, and kyligs… or play hide-and-seek. Hey, we know what you’re thinking, but at least it isn’t Walmart.

Ikea -andyrama

8. Catch an Outdoor Flick

Come on! The movies on Flagstaff! Totally cute and harmless, but could lead to a whole lot more. -Christopher Schmidt

The drive-in is always nice.. -Patrick Stehley

9. Keep it Local

First date in the Burgh, stick to the neighborhoods
First date in the Burgh, stick to the neighborhoods

My first date with my boyfriend was a holiday jazz show at Club Cafe, dinner at Yo Rita, and train-watching on 12th St. :) -allthingsnoisy

Excuses Bar & Grill on the South Side! Nothing boring about people watching on Carson Street on the patio. -John Kuza

… If shes from Lawrenceville, to see some some band you have never heard of. -TableforOne

I always liked Station Sq for a first date Bar Louie, Hard Rock, Funny Bone, but I’m an old dude. -GoGoPittsburgh

Go to the strip. -SSFbigK

10. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

First date dining in the Burgh
First date dining in the Burgh

The picture above is an example of what NOT to eat on your first date in Pittsburgh, PA. Try some of these ideas:

Gus and Yia-Yia’s Shaved Ice on the Northside. -Ya Jagoff

 Burgatory Bar. -PatHanavan

 Depends how you wanna roll/what your interests are. You support local? Go @Bocktown You wanna roll high class? Go @McandSchmicks. -spode411

Savoy Restaurant in the Strip District it’s nice and new. -Victoria Ely

I had a great first date at Te-Cafe not so long ago. Even though I swear that was Darjeeling and not Pu-erh, lol! -ElektraCuteXXX

Tamari is a great first date place and just driving around the city at night is romantic, we have a great view! -steeltownanthem

Continue growing this list by sharing more first date suggestions in the in comments below…

  • Sam Oh

    Good list. Add putt putt.

  • jamie

    It depends on how romantic yoou want to get and how much $ you want to spend, but try Willow for the second or third date. Very nice restaurant and delicious food. Don’t take a blind date there.

  • Nina

    Take the incline to Mt. Wash and eat at La Tavola!!!!! Greatest Italian in the Burgh by a long shot.

  • Molly

    Kennywood–activities on the first date always give you something to talk about and enjoy.

  • Stacey

    This is a great list for dates in general, not only the first one. I would like to add one:

    #11. Take a walk in Boyce Park

  • Mary Vantine

    a long walk off a short pier? seriously, my witty comment didn’t make the cut.. i’m crying. :)

  • Diane Turnshek

    Allegheny Observatory–take a tour, attend open house, observe planets, or listen to an astronomy public lecture. Free reservations needed. (412-321-2400) Oftentimes chilly, so standing close in the dark is in order.

  • Mike

    Your suggestion of the West End Overlook is a good one for a date. Also, a tour of Heinz Field is a nice adventure.

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