Pittsburgh City Paper is a proud sponsor of BikePGH‘s Car Free Fridays. Car Free Fridays highlights various neighborhoods throughout the city to raise awareness of about active transportation. Get involved with Car Free Fridays by bicycling, walking, ride sharing or taking public transit and reduce your carbon footprint, burn calories, and save money.

I always wanted to ride a bike around town but I’m shy…

Join a Bikepool! It’s a great way for bikers to meet other like-minded pedal people. Bike pooling is also perfect for city cycling newbies who want to learn more about the dos and don’ts of riding on the streets of Pittsburgh. Check out the current routes here or contact BikePGH to get a new route listed on their site.

Is Car Free Friday every week?

You can choose to make every Friday car-free, but the BikePGH neighborhood spotlights happen once a month. October 15th (2010) was Car Free Friday in Lawrenceville and offered an assorted schedule of fun events including free breakfast, a walking bus to downtown, Gallerycycle, and a Bridesmaid Dress Ride.

Why is Zipcar in the video above if it’s called “Car Free” Friday?

That’s a good question!

Biking Downtown Pittsburgh by Rob De La Cretaz

"Biking Downtown Pittsburgh" by Rob De La Cretaz

Get the bike out of your basement and ride it!

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