Future Tenant Play Festival Flyer "ARMAGEDDON: 10 Minutes ‘Til Doomsday"

For nine years and running, Future Tenant (Burgh Verified) has hosted a festival of short 10 minute plays in the Burgh. The festival is dubbed Future Ten, and this time around the theme is ARMAGEDDON: 10 Minutes ‘Til Doomsday. This year they received nearly 900 submissions, which almost doubles last year’s record-setting number. Brad Stephenson, festival founder and co-producer, told us “We’re excited about the shows and the talent we’ve coordinated. I think this will be the best Future Ten so far.”

Future Ten 9 features eight – hey wait a minute, is there some sort of play on numbers going on here? Anyway, here are the comedies you can expect to see in November:

  • “Effect and Cause” by Damian Synadinos: A scientist makes a world changing discovery, then gets lunch.
  • “Mrs. Greenblatt’s Place in the Universe” by Sharon Goldner: Mrs. Greenblatt has some news for her daughter.
  • “Last Words” by Phillip Kaplan: A sibling rivalry comes to light at a somber occasion.
  • “Under the Bed” by Christopher Kent: A young man learns that sometimes it’s hard to move onfrom your imaginary friend.
  • “Hamlet Cows” by Ron Burch: It’s hard to find good art in the country, unless you know where to look.
  • “The Oak Tree” by Jay Koepke: A date gets an unexpected 3rd wheel.
  • “Super Fired” by Austin Steinmetz & Cara Steinmetz: Sometimes a superhero just doesn’t live up to the title.
  • “Journey to the End of the Night of the Titanic Dragon Monsters” by Joe Lyons: A tale of love and life at the twilight of the apocalypse.

When is the festival?
November 2-3 and 9-10, 2012
All shows at 8:00 PM

Where is it?
819 Penn Avenue (map)
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

How much to get some play?
Tickets are $10

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