Win a $15,000 diamond ring

Win a $15,000 diamond ring, the more hints and clues you find the better your chance!

Are you thinking about popping the big question? Did your hoopty breakdown recently? Are you late with your rent check? This might be your big break! A local jewelry store on Walnut Street in Shadyside is giving away a platinum diamond ring valued at $15,000. But not so fast… you’ll have to earn it first! It’s the Henne Jewelers’ Diamond Dash, and it’s a city-wide treasure hunt that’s free to play.

A flawless $15,000 Mark Patterson diamond has been hidden somewhere in Downtown Pittsburgh…

Pretty generous giveaway considering that their shop was robbed within 8 days of each other at beginning of the year (supposedly they drove a freakin’ truck through the front door).

On Saturday, May 22nd, Diamond Dash participants will meet up at Heinz Field at 10am. The treasure hunt goes on from 11am – 2pm, then there’s an “after party” at Bar Louie starting at 2pm. More info here.

So you’re probably wondering how this is going to work… where do you get the clues? We don’t have a clue, but we do know that the hints and riddles will be sent to all the players’ cell phones via text message. For example, it might ask you “where can you go, or what can you do after 10pm in the Burgh?” And you would know that the only places open after 10pm in Pittsburgh are local dive bars (and Walmart)… then you’ll probably have to go to one of those places. The questions will probably be a lot more specific, but you get the drift.

Quick question: if the folks over at Henne Jewelers know where the diamond is hidden, can’t they give some inside clues to their friends? Answer: the scavenger hunt is run by an outside company and not even the owners at Henne Jewelers know where it will be!

A little bit about the company that’s running the show:
The Diamond Dash game will be powered by SCVNGR, a location based web-app company that is kind of like Foursquare, but instead of just checking-in, it is used to create scavenger hunts. Check out their client page and you will find a long list of universities, jewelry stores, museums, and even cities that put on scavenger hunts using their system. Oh yeah, and Google invested $4 million to help them out even more.

When is the scavenger hunt?
Saturday, May 22, 2010 between 10:00am and 4:00pm

Where is it?
All over the Burgh!

If you think you’re game, you can register for the Henne Jewelers’ Diamond Dash here.

Update – an exclusive clue was released on Facebook:

Do the phrases Annuit ceptis, Novus ordo seclorum, and E pluribus unum mean anything to you?

Update: check out this pic from @freakshowmikey of the participants at Heinz Field this morning:

Great Lawn outside Heinz Field right now for Henne Diamond Dash. Wow! This is insano!

Great Lawn outside Heinz Field right now for Henne Diamond Dash. Wow! This is insano!

Is there a winner yet? Who won?

Update: The $15,000 diamond ring was won by a Robinson couple, Bill and Leanna. Congratulations! More here.