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Boring Pittsburgh is growing fast! In fact, we’re growing so fast we can’t keep up with all the local news and reviews. So, we’re offering space to select individuals who can contribute relevant content and media that fits with our overall style. Join us!


  • Pittsburgh news (all things Pittsburgh, serious, humorous, criticism, etc)
  • Pittsburgh musicians (interviews, new releases, introductions)
  • Local restaurant reviews (share your thoughts and experiences)
  • Performance reviews (including plays, concerts, and art)
  • Rumors and gossip! (mostly of the entertainment nature, Hollywood, etc)


  • You must be able to produce quality articles. This doesn’t necessarily mean long articles. Remember, quality over quantity.
  • Produce all original content not published anywhere else.
  • Participation: reply to comments on your articles, post in the forum, share your articles within your social networks.
  • Include original photos with your posts if possible

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There you have it. We’re actively looking for (unboring) Pittsburgh related articles, photos, videos, etc. If you love (or hate) Pittsburgh and want to do something like this, tell us about yourself below:

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