Duquesne Light Scam

Our friends over at Franktuary almost got scammed out of $3,000 by someone posing to be Duquesne Light! We’re not sure how Liz from Rite Aid helped them, but we’re sure glad she did. If you get a call saying that your lights are about to be shut off unless you pay up, hang up! Duquesne Light doesn’t demand payments via phone.

Apparently this is nothing new since we found a warning posted on Facebook by the light company a year ago this month.

Duquesne Light is warning customers to be aware of scam artists who may be targeting them.

Several customers have reported receiving calls stating that if payment is not made immediately, their electric service will be terminated the same day. The callers are also directing customers to purchase “pre-paid” type credit cards to pay off the alleged amount.

Additionally, some customers have reported individuals, posing as utility workers, knocking on their doors claiming to be “from the power company” then attempting to gain access to the home. In these instances, the criminals often work in pairs, with one person distracting the customer while the accomplice steals money and/or valuables in another part of the residence.

“We want the community to be aware that, unfortunately, scam artists are out there, and they may be targeting Duquesne Light customers,” said Jane Cuff, director of Customer Contact. “We urge our customers to take suitable precautions to protect themselves from becoming a victim of these scams.”