Overwhelming Pittsburgh Parking Tickets

This car was spotted on the Southside. There are about 12 parking tickets overlapping each other under those blades, and possibly more by the time this is posted. These rip-proof anxiety inducers are presumably related to the lack of a permit or an expired sticker. That means 45 bucks a pop. Not to mention increased fines if they aren’t paid on time, a potential boot removal fee, and eventual snail-mail harassment by the city ordained collection agency. And if they tow it on top of that?

But hey, this town needs money! It’s a privilege to park on these here streets and yinz are gonna have to pay to play. One member of City Council rides a high horse (perhaps instead of driving a car) and says “I think anyone who has tickets should pay them if they know they have them,” and went even further by asserting that city employees should have parking fines deducted from their pay!

Some of you might be thinking about the tough economy and how a few parking tickets can really bite into the budget. But don’t go crying the blues to the same City Council member quoted above. Back in 2010 that same elected official had this to say about increasing parking fines to make up for a struggling pension:

“It’s time to raise them … If you look at the charges in other cities, it’s still a bargain to park in Pittsburgh.”

Sure, if your retirement was on the line you might agree. And sure, the vehicle owner should just find a better spot for the car (and get their inspection up to date), but this is teetering on the brink of entrapment. The Pittsburgh Parking Authority and policies therein have gotten slightly out of control. WTF PGH?!