Fifth Avenue University Place New Red Light

The last thing Fifth Avenue in Oakland needs is another traffic light, but that’s exactly what it’s getting. This week, a new pole was installed at University Place… about 20 paces from the red light at the Bigelow Blvd intersection.

They turned on the blinking yellow light today. Maybe to test it, or perhaps as a mockery to all the regulars that endure traffic jams there on a daily basis.

It’s bad enough that the roads through Oakland (and most of Pittsburgh for that matter) are one-way mazes. The abundance of lights doesn’t help – even if you’re lucky enough to score all greens.

There are 15 lights from Morewood Ave. near Carnegie Mellon University, down to Carlow University where poor design sometimes forces drivers to cut others off in order to get in the left lane.

This will be light number 16 in that stretch.

Why the new light?

That is what happens when you build a new dorm to house 600 freshman students on the opposite side of the road. –@PittTailgateVan

Thanks a lot, Pitt.

Fifth Avenue University Place New Traffic Light