Fort Pitt Bridge Tunnel Meme by Ian Richards in Pittsburgh

Left lanes need to exit right, right lanes need to exit left. Here’s 300 feet to make it happen.

It must be a slow news day in Pittsburgh since WTAE is so excited about what they are declaring a viral internet meme. What they’re really doing is piggy backing off the original creator’s idea, dumping it in every possible place to get hits back to their site, generating ad revenue from it, then giving nothing back. Nothing back meaning the jagoffs didn’t even bother to link to the original post on Facebook. (Irony alert: the local news companies force an extra Read More at inserted URL to the end of any attempt at copying/pasting text from their sites. They want you to cite them but refuse to cite others. From now on, we urge our fellow Pittsburgh bloggers to never ever ever hyperlink to any local news site when referencing them.)

Who says the news is all negative?

This meme story was so big for WTAE they even sent out a reporter to cover it and slapped a “New Tonight” overlay on the screen. It’s new tonight that the Fort Pitt Bridge traffic always gets jammed up right before the tunnel because of poor design and bad drivers? That’s some sensationally shocking news!

WTAE Bad News Reporting on Fort Pitt Bridge Meme

Click image for video

The desperate station’s video clip concluded by snarkily putting down the very topic they were happy to whore out in the first place: “…since I don’t have a magic traffic wand, and nobody asked me, we’ll all have to settle for just complaining about things on the internet.”

But hey, let’s all be glad there wasn’t anything serious going on in the Burgh.

Bonus information: According to his Facebook page, the guy who made the funny meme above is also the guy who boots your car when you don’t pay your Pittsburgh parking tickets. You can see part of the boot truck screen in the bottom left side of the pic.

5/28/13 Update: The Trib’s coverage of this thing was even worse. They went on to milk the WTAE coverage and then threw in a couple of other memes that they likely got from the site you’re reading right now. No sources linked to any of it. Here’s some help: Tunnel Monster Meme and Yinz Can’t Park.