Saturday , 18 April 2015

Help Wanted: Dish Worsher, Full Time

Help Wanted: Dish Worsher, Full Time (craigslist ad)
Please have experience and strong work ethic.

  • Fatso

    Rest assured, we are on the busline.

  • Dave

    I just interviewed with them last week! Still waiting for a call back. By posting that here you are reducing my chances of getting the job dammit!

  • Chuck Borowitz

    wtf is right

  • http://NickJay Nicholas J.

    Pittsburgh at its finest.

    • Admin

      Don’t you mean Pixburgh at its finest?

  • Brabo

    Where at? I need a job.

  • Anamari

    The busline thing does not help if they are not looking for a temporary arrangement since come March or June there may not be a bus servicing the line…
    Other, just wondering how do u get some experience as a dish worsher. ;->

    • Upitty

      You read my mind, I was about to ask similar question.

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