PAT Bus seat falling apart in Pittsburgh

PAT Bus seat falling apart in Pittsburgh

This seat was not removed to accommodate visitors for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games that was hosted in Pittsburgh last week. It’s just one of the many trashed PAT buses driving around the Burgh.

Pittsburgh buses are gross. Not only because some of the riders are disrespectful and careless, but also because PAT apparently doesn’t do their fair share to keep them clean.

Taking the bus sucks. When your product sucks, your company fails. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that PAT needed to cut routes earlier this year. But instead of spending money on tracking their passengers, they should consider hiring a cleaning crew.

The $32 million project is designed to improve collections and provide valuable new data about ridership…

It was a brilliant move to “test” the smart card implementation on Pitt students and staff. They ride the bus for free, so there’s not much for them to argue or think about.

Hmm, let’s try to be logical here. They bought a $32,000,000 tracking system. But 6 months ago they couldn’t afford to maintain all the bus routes.


Wait a minute. Other news sources have written that Pitt students get unlimited free rides on PAT buses. That is completely false. There is a transportation fee of $90/semester built into the tuition at Pitt. How else would the University be able to pay the Port Authority $6.8 million for the service?

WTF Pittsburgh?