As you know, Pittsburgh was recently ranked the most liveable city by people who don’t live here. But did you know the Burgh has been winning these rankings since the 80’s? We were fortunate enough to dig up this video from 1985 when Pittsburgh was voted the #1 city in the United States.

The song starts off ok, but it gets creepy when the lead singer’s voice abruptly changes from yinzer to eunuch.

Stuff they touted in 1985 that Pittsburghers still boast about in 2011:

  • The Three Rivers (they’re not going anywhere)
  • The City of Champs (how long can we use this one?)
  • The Immaculate Reception (there’s even a statue of this event)
  • Light Up Night (wasteful energy consumption?)
  • View from Mount Washington (nice view… for about 5 minutes)
  • The City of Steel (a hundred years ago)

It’s been almost 30 years! Can we please come up with some new things to be proud of?

At least they did us all a favor and forgot to mention the inclines, bridges, Southside, Heinz Field, sandwiches with french fries, Pittsburghese, and other key elements of the city’s overall existence.

“Pittsburgh’s No. 1” Lyrics:

It’s 1985, Pittsburgh’s number one
Where 3 rivers join, at the Triangle’s point, we’re #1
Pittsburgh, PA

We always knew we had it, we’ve always felt inside
We’re the city with heart, proud to be a part of America’s national pride
We united to say we did it in our own special way
We’ve always believed, and we’ve finally received, the honor and right to say
Pittsburgh’s #1 in 1985, Pittsburgh’s #1, we’re #1!

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Pittsburgh’s #1 number one)
Someplace special, Pittsburgh, PA!

Immaculate reception, Mazeroski in the night
Something something and the city of champs, now we’re number one!
Pittsburgh’s number one, we’re number one!

They thought of us as a smokey old town, many years ago
Thanks to me and you, and renaissance too, we can let ’em know…
Pittsburgh’s number one, in 1985
Pittsburgh’s number one, we’re number one!

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (number one, number one)
Someplace special, Pittsburgh, PA!

Looking from Mount Washington is great on light up night!
And the feeling you feel about the City of Steel makes your pride soar out of sight!
Pittsburgh’s number one, number one

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (number one, number one)
Someplace special, Pittsburgh, PA!

Everybody, we are #1 in 1985
Pittsburgh’s number one, number one!
We’re number one, whaaa ahhh ahh ooo neee

Pittsburgh’s status of being #1 was unanimously revoked immediately after this song was aired to the public – or, at least it should have been.
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