Sunday , 24 May 2015

Pittsburgh PAT Bus Riders Are Weird

In a boring city like Pittsburgh, we tend to come across a lot of strange phenomena. We recently found out that in addition to taking videos while driving through tunnels, there’s another weird thing that bored Pittsburghers do: they take videos of PAT buses. The proof is in the clip above. A 6 minute compilation of local buses coming and going. No music, no talking, no special effects. Just buses.

If these guys are so into buses, what are they going to do after the Port Authority cuts 35% of the service routes?

You haven’t seen (or heard) noting yet. The clip below is a 10 minute recording of a PAT bus driving around the city! No video, just a a recording with a slideshow of bus photos. Hard to believe there weren’t any loud cell phone users on this ride.

Maybe, because of this post, you’ve found out that videos of PAT buses are that special thing missing on your life. So here are a few more for your pleasure.





And for those of our readers who are not turned on by bus videos, here are two more that are slightly less boring…



To each their own.

  • Nathan

    Cracking my ass up over here with that guy dancing to Dr Dre!!

  • Best412


  • hgp

    Makes me want to take my camera next time I take the bus.

  • drunkengiraffe

    if anyone knows where that abandoned bus is that wants to tell me that would be awesome….that has fantastic photos written all over it.

  • Sean

    Pittsburgh, where they put ‘Go Steelers’ instead of the bus route.

  • Jayayess1190

    Thanks for posting one of my videos! I like to transit fan and it is a much less expensive hobby than other things. Everybody has different interests, no need to make fun of ours.

  • Novabus

    Thanks for posting MY videos too, I like my hobbie, its better than getting all druged up and being a menis to the world. I think I’m good at what I do and I am gladd that I do. And for your information i know about the bus cuts, I knew way back before they were released to the public,
    Just becuase you we all dont enjoy transit like some doesnt mean that you need to pic on us, there are many other people that do it. I’m sure you are good at critizing everything… So I wish you good luck in your life. But please dont be mean to others, its rude.

    • herbert jenkins

      you left your sense of humor on a pat bus.

  • Chooch249

    Drunkengiraffe… That bus is long gone, that photo was taken behind the main PAT maintenance shops at Manchester. No old buses are stored down there anymore (looking at that photo, can you imagine WHY?)

  • herbert jenkins

    this is actually quite fascinating. i found other videos of that bus dancer. all in poor quality, but extremely funny. is that the same guy who was going to clubs doing a similar dance for a while?

  • Taxi Driver

    Instead of filming the buses driving past those men should film more of the crazies that ride the bus like the dancer in the last video.

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