You can take the yinzer out of Pixburgh, but you can’t shake the Pixburgh out of the yinzer… expecially when it’s stamped on his left arm. No, this clip wasn’t shot on the T, it was all the way down in Phoenix, Arizona!

Yo. Hey I don’t know who you guys are, but Sally Wiggin! And Joe Dinardo from WTAE. Paul Long, you little fat bastard. But hey we’re out here, they got a Paul Long out here, so if you wanna send this video to WTAE, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania baby. Yaaaay-yeaaaah!

He didn’t make it on WTAE, but here he is on BPGH. The best part is when is rolls up his shirt sleeve to show off his Yinzer Stamp (our word for a Steelers tattoo).

How did the PAT Bus Dancer make it all the way down to Phoenix?!

Show us your Yinzer Stamp.