The Pittsburgh Parkway Troll

The Pittsburgh Parkway Troll

#TEAMLOLAMONROE ♋ vivaGLAM88All there is in Pittsburgh is traffic …. this is what I seen to my right

Every Pittsburgher has heard of the Tunnel Monster before. There’s no doubt about its existence, and no better explanation for why everyone slows down right before the tunnels. It has never actually been seen or captured on film before, but rest assured the monster is on duty daily between 3pm and 6pm (sometimes working overtime to slow things down in the evening).

Now there is a new character on the road and he’s not scared to be seen. We’re calling him the Pittsburgh Parkway Troll. He was last seen on parkway west leaving Monroeville. Have you seen this guy before?

Chris Myers csmyers88@BoringPGH OMG saw that guy Sunday around noon on Washington Road (Rt. 19) in Uptown Mt. Lebanon near Pamala’s!