Megabus Riders Forced to Take Their Waste Elsewhere. No Longer Welcome Under David L. Lawrence Convention Center Roof.

It was our pleasure to be among the first to announce the Megabus reemergence in Pittsburgh. Since then, countless yinzers and jagoffs have been able to meet up outside of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, board a big, blue and yellow, wifi equipped bus to flee the Burgh for greener grass.

The $354 million building has always been good for two things: Anthrocon’s furry conventions, and serving as the well-lit, covered, and easily accessible Pittsburgh stop for Megabus. As of July 2, 2012, that will change.

The Sports & Exhibition Authority (the same “authority” that unanimously voted to demolish the Civic Arena) has recently demanded that the bus company move their stop because Megabus passengers are obnoxious litterbugs that sometimes have to pee. The so-called owners of the DLLCC (Dear Post-Gazette, do they really own it?) are no longer willing to provide a roof over your heads when all you give them in return is used chewing gum and candy wrappers – and forget to flush.

The new stop was conveniently (or should we say strategically) relocated near the entrance to the $523,000,000 tunnel. Is this a ploy to get more people to use it? Duh, this is perfect for all the out of town Steelers fans who travel to Pittsburgh for as low as $1 to hop on a free light rail train to get to Heinz Field for an overpriced football game!

While that’s probably not the case, we’re willing to bet that the people who made this decision have never experienced a Megabus trip and never will. They get chauffeured around tahn and fly in private jets.

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