Monday , 25 May 2015

WTFPGH: Or Should We Say WTF-PHG? WQED’s Skywriting Fail

QEDair Misspelled Skywriting Project PHG (via @technicolor_cat)
QEDair Misspelled Skywriting Project PHG (via @technicolor_cat)

To announce the premiere of their new program Pittsburgh From The Air@WQED hired some skywriters to deliver the message from the blue skies above. After generating tons of buzz on Twitter to get everyone looking up in the sky around lunchtime, the writing finally began, but the pilot’s spellcheck was turned off – either that or he’s dyslexic. Talk about an expensive typo!

Skywriting is cool, but skywriting fail is probably the most brilliant marketing ploy ever. Was it planned this way? Boring Pittsburgh wants to know where we can hire the mastermind behind it! If they spelled PGH correctly, it would have been boring and quickly forgotten. Now, everyone in PHG is going to know about Pittsburgh From The Air. Great job WQED, we’ll be watching ;-)

Pittsburgh From The Air premieres Thursday, October 27th at 8pm on WQED.

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WQED Skywriting Fail Puts PHG in the Sky (via @SevenOlives)
WQED Skywriting Fail Puts PHG in the Sky (via @SevenOlives)

Pittsburgh From The Air Trailer

  • Bill

    Wow! How the heck does something like that happen!

  • I live in PHG

    Proud to be a PHGer

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Still trying to find the answer to the equation PH6= ???

  • Boring Pittsburgh

    The WQED Skywriter has a Twitter account:

  • Keebs

    That’s so fucked up!

  • aww hell naw

    aww hell naw nigga

  • PGH Filmer

    Epic. Did anyone catch it on video?

  • Lindsay

    WQED better demannd a rfeund for the mistak

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